150 Trains A Day DVD

150 Trains A Day DVD

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Explore the hustle and bustle of Union Pacific's remarkable triple track line weaving through the picturesque landscape of Nebraska. Witness the spectacle of over 150 trains gracefully traversing this stretch every day, ensuring you never have to wait more than a few minutes for a train to pass by.

Embark on a captivating journey from O'Fallons to Grand Island, immersing yourself in the dynamic world of rail travel. Delve into the heart of North Platte's Bailey Yard, recognized as the largest railroad yard globally, and gain exclusive access to the panoramic views from the Golden Spike Tower.

Experience the charm of Buttermilk Curve, Cozad, Gibbon Junction, and other scenic spots along the triple track as a multitude of trains gracefully parade before you. The highlight of your adventure is the 75-minute program capturing the essence of this railway marvel in widescreen stereo sound, featuring natural train sounds and music subtly accompanying the maps.

Perfect for contemporary diesel enthusiasts, this DVD from Railway Productions offers chapter menus and the flexibility to toggle narration on or off. Enjoy the thrill of this immersive rail journey for years to come!