Midnight Train Basket

Midnight Train Basket

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Smoke, Musk, Leather, Plum, Clove, and Amber have you hearing the whistle and that train headed down the tracks with the lone headlight and whispers in the dark. Midnight Train is our nod to Outlaws that left us. We will keep your legacies living! 

Midnight Train Hand Soap, Room & Linen Spray, Wax Melts, & a Wood Wick Candle

Goat's Milk Foaming Hand Soap
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Sulfate Free
Cruelty Free
16 oz. Foam Hand Pump

Wooden Wick Candles
Wooden Wick Candles produce a crackle sound while burning and provide for an extra special ambiance. Dixie Grace candles are hand-poured using pure soy wax. Our candles are phthalate free.

Wax Melts
For use in Wax Warmers, these cubes of scented wax are sure to take you down south in no time!

Room & Linen Spray Spray is perfect for a quick refresh in any room or on any linen!
6 oz. / 177 ml
Phthalate Free
Pet Safe